Treat Your Treasured Home With Care

Treat Your Treasured Home With Care

Hire us for your historic home renovation in Quincy, IL & Hannibal, MO

Quincy, IL has no shortage of historic homes dating back to the 19th century and earlier. They add charm and character to our city, and preserving them is important.

When you need historic home renovation services, you can rely on the Rupp Masonry Construction Co. team to treat your property with care. We can preserve the integrity of your historic home by pressure washing your old brick, applying waterproof sealant to your building and tuckpointing the mortar.

To get a free estimate on your historic home renovation, contact us today. We serve homes within 40 miles of Quincy.

3 good reasons to renovate

Restoring an old building rather than constructing a new one benefits the entire community, because it can:

  1. Save money on new building materials.
  2. Protect the environment by avoiding land development.
  3. Preserve a piece of history for future generations to enjoy.

Find out what a difference pressure washing your old brick can make. Call 217-257-0367 now to start your historic home renovation in the Quincy, IL & Hannibal, MO area.